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RT @earino: Celebrating my 36th birthday in the traditional fashion, by posting @MattDowle's data.table talk from @user2014_ucla! http://t.

August 29 2014 • 6:50:13 AM

RT @xamat: #kdd2014 Award winners via @kdnuggets http://t.co/sJGkZeV2fd

August 24 2014 • 4:16:31 AM

RT @cpuga: 1989: turned to radio or tv 2014: picked up twitter #earthquake

August 24 2014 • 3:59:59 AM

RT @user2014_ucla: The first of the useR! videos are up on youtube. Check out http://t.co/uk1356qspd or subscribe to https://t.co/AllcS7dFY

August 23 2014 • 12:13:50 AM

"The Sky is Falling!" Meet-up presented by our rising star, Patrick Aboyoun #bigdata http://t.co/UdCe35XfI9

August 21 2014 • 7:25:48 PM

The Sky is Falling! Meet-up presented by our rising star Patrick Aboyoun #bigdata http://t.co/EKowMENUjw

August 21 2014 • 7:23:52 PM


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