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RT @JSHorwitz: http://t.co/w7xz1AwdMl interview with our very own @srisatish @hexadata #SparklingWater

October 22 2014 • 5:55:38 PM

RT @MikePearmain: I love @hexadata, applying h2o.GBM and h2o.RF locally to auction data to develop, then deploying at scale with a little #

October 22 2014 • 7:18:17 AM

"Deep neural networks (H20 implementation - http://t.co/VhkLcHAzw8) were tested with & without spectra" https://t.co/Hw2u0fesdI @ArnoCandel

October 21 2014 • 11:50:38 PM

RT @ArnoCandel: Beat the #kaggle @tradeshift benchmark with H2O Distributed Random Forest https://t.co/8nsk1sb8Yu @unconsenting @matlabulou

October 21 2014 • 5:30:03 PM


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