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H2O is for data scientists and application developers who need fast, in-memory scalable machine learning for smarter applications. H2O is an open source parallel processing engine for machine learning. Unlike traditional analytics tools, H2O provides a combination of extraordinary math, a high performance parallel architecture, and unrivaled ease of use.

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RT @mmalohlava: "Build ML Apps with Sparkling Water" slides You can try to build the app via the script here https:

April 16 2015 • 11:09:57 AM

RT @suneelmarthi: Shout out to @luke_ventura and Anand Avati for #ApacheMahout 0.10.0 release, @luke_ventura for Mahout website redesign an

April 15 2015 • 10:49:37 PM

Interactive #sparklingwater meetup with @mmalohlava tonight! #machinelearning

April 15 2015 • 6:24:32 PM

Staying late for some extra 1-1 time with the presenter #h2ocommunity

April 14 2015 • 8:41:13 PM


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